Public Administration Case Study Course

The 2017 transformation of the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) – largely reversed in 2019 – involved a complex redesign and redistribution of existing programs that substantially lowered cost barriers to post-secondary education for low- and middle-income students. The changes involved many players charged with the seemingly contradictory tasks of both consolidating government support programs and increasing equity of educational outcomes. The course will develop understanding of the context and conditions for the original public policy transformation and its reversal.

  • For Public Administration and Governance students, this is “Required Group 1” course at Level III.

  • For students of other programs, the course may be a “Professionally Related” or “Open Elective.” If it is not on the tables of your program of study, consult your Program Director, who may direct it.

Note: if you have not completed the listed prerequisites [PPA 211 and (PPA 235 or PPA 303 or PPA 319), you will not be able to enroll online. Please contact the Program Administrator, Viola Ing (x5057 or This course is being offered by Ryerson’s Department of Politics and Public Administration, in conjunction with the Ryerson Leadership Lab.